Kichi is our brand ambassador.
He’s a male bug. Happy, playful, greedy eater, forgetful, kind-hearted, is afraid of dogs and likes to mix around with pretty ladies.
He has wings, but can’t fly because of his excess weight.
No one is sure where Kichi came from. We found him at our warehouse one sunny day. He is now our warehouse keeper, but often more trouble than help. That is why we made him ambassador so he can keep away from the warehouse.
He doesn’t sleep at night. He says the reason he keeps awake is to make sure we don’t get bad dreams, but we often find food missing the next morning so we are pretty sure he sneaks to the fridge.
Kichi sees the good in everything. He is everybody’s best friend. He is an active member of the FancyBugs Community GiveBack program. He never says no when someone needs help.
We dare not ask him about his history as he gets very sad when we question him so if you know Kichi, do drop us a mail at ask [at]  or by using the contact link on our website.


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