FancyBugs Band of Brothers and Sisters

FancyBugs "Band of Brothers and Sisters"



Our purpose is to “Create Memorable Moments” throughout your life with us. At FancyBugs, memorable moments are notable experiences that bring happiness to the people around us. We are committed to create such experience through the products and services we offer.



  Our Brand Ambassador - Kichi
Our Brand Ambassador - Kichi



We love what we do so much, that we can only call ourselves successful if our vision is met. That is, to be earth’s most customer centric leading lifestyle brand, one customer experience at a time.  



We realise our vision by offering creative lifestyle products meeting the finest and safest quality available and at a reasonable price through our exceptional customer service. We are ready to expand geographically, increasing the number of happy customers and to keep improving our brand awareness. 



FancyBugs always develops products revolving around green ideas and elements. With this in mind, we have strived to ensure that there are no toxic chemicals or any unsafe ingredients used when developing our products.

Certifications from various internationally recognised laboratories represent our continuing pursuit of excellence and suitability for use of our products. 



  Safety Mark


“Pleasant and high quality products, eco-responsible packaging.” 
Customer Testimonial from Japan






If you have any enquiries at all about FancyBugs, our Customer Happiness Team would be more than happy to assist you. Visit our Online Store to purchase FancyBugs products or find a nearest retailer around the country.


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